EVO Cloud Integration Flow

Learn the basic integration steps from the beginning.

Step 1 Business Catchup

Contact your EVONET account manager to learn our business details and get our product workshop.
Please send an email to [email protected] for a quick touch.

Step 2 Onboarding

Provide the required KYC/KYB materials to your EVONET account manager for our compliance review. Read the Merchant Onboarding Guide to learn what to prepare before onboarding EVONET.
The onboarding process usually takes 3-5 working days. Once onboard, you will receive a free test account from your EVONET account manager. Your test account gives you access to the test Merchant Services Portal, an online dashboard where you can manage your EGMS integration across regions and currencies.

Step 3 Build Your Integration

Start building your integration using your test account. In the meantime, you can start your application for a live account with your EVONET account manager.

Choose the integration that suits your business most:

Step 4 Apply for your live account

Before applying for a live account, ensure you have passed all the required test cases. You can contact your EVONET account manager to receive the test cases.

Check the list of prohibited or restricted goods and services. EVONET has the right to terminate the transaction if the selling goods or services are on our or PSPs prohibited goods and services list.

Then apply for your live account with your EVONET account manager.

Step 5 Configure the Live Account

To start accepting live payments using your live account, you must first configure the account in our Merchant Services Portal. The settings of your test account will not be migrated into your live account.

Use our Go-live Checklist to make sure you've got everything correctly set up before accepting live payments. You can contact your EVONET account manager to receive the Go-live Checklist.