Go Live

Ready for the live transaction!

Once you've finished all the integration and are ready for go-live, you can check the following steps for the live transaction preparation.

Step 1 Complete the Test Case

The Test Case is based on some common problems encountered in the integration procedure. It is suggested that the whole integration covers and passes the test cases provided by EVONET. You can also conduct more test cases based on business facts.

API Integration

You can conduct the integration testing based on your business facts in API integration. It is suggested to set up cases and expected results for the success and failure responses, timeout, and various processing procedures for different action types of each integrating API. Please pay attention to the understanding and processing of the payment status. If the payment status is misunderstood, it may lead to a loss of funds.

LinkPay Integration

Download the LinkPay Test Case.


Step 2 Complete the Onboarding Procedure

EVONET can only sign the agreement with you once completes the Due Diligence procedure. Please notice that no transaction can be brought to the live environment before EVONET signs the agreement with you.

During the DD procedure, EVONET will review your website and App to check whether you've fulfilled the requirement. Jump to On-boarding Guide to check the requirements on the website and App.

Step 3 Parameter and Account for PROD Environment

Once you complete the integration test and sign the agreement with EVONET, you can contact your EVONET account manager to obtain the PROD environment parameters and Merchant Services Portal account.

  • SID
  • Sign Key
  • Encryption Key
  • Portal Account and Password
  • Other information

The above parameters and account will be sent by email. Please keep it confidential.