Payment Scenarios

Learn the payment scenarios to better integrate your user experience.

We summarize the most popular payment scenarios.

Card Payment

Following international Card Scheme regulations, you have to be PCI-DSS certified so that you can store credit card or debit card numbers. You have to provide the PCI certification with a live status to your EVONET account manager to enable the card payment by EGMS.

EVONET Global is a fully PCI-DSS certified company, so you can use our LinkPay or SDK services instead to process card payment if you are not planning to be PCI-DSS certified.


Integration Option

Barcode & QR Payment

The easiest way to pay with a wallet APP. EGMS will return a barcode or QR code and you can display it at your preference.

Redirecting Payment

Your customer will be redirected to a PSP-hosted page or a payment brand-hosted page to conduct the payment. The way to conduct the payment on the redirecting page can be various, including SMS-OTP verification, account logging-in, QR scanning, etc.

In-App Payment

With EGMS SDK, in-app payment will provide you with the most smooth payment experience in mobile.