Documentation and Implementation

Use our APIs to integrate your business.


Integration guide

This document describes the steps to integrate with EVONET online merchant services.

Open online

API specification

This document describes the RESTful API specification of EVONET online merchant services.

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Postman JS

This document includes the Postman JS, which can help you set up the connection with EVONET online merchant services.



Transaction Integration

Take the below steps to conduct the online transaction integration:

  • Determine what kinds of payment methods you need for your business
  • Open or download the Integration Guide to find the integration flow for different payment scenarios or payment methods
  • Open or download the API Specification to learn the API information and determine the APIs to be connected based on your business
  • Use our Postman JS to help build up your API calls


You can also find an integration example of the APM payment. See WeChat Pay, which describes the integration procedure of multiple payment scenarios when using WeChat Pay to conduct a purchase.

Settlement Integration

EVONET provides settlement and reconciliation services through details settlement files and reports.

Jump to Settlement File Integration to learn how to integrate with our settlement service.

Before Go-Live

After completing the integration, it is suggested to prepare the go-live issues.

Jump to Go Live to see the checklist for preparing your live transactions.

No Answer?

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