LinkPay Overview

Use our online checkout solution to launch your business under the PCI DSS certificate requirement quickly.


PCI DSS Certificates

To process the card information securely, the merchant must be PCI DSS certified. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements intended to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. It is managed by an independent body created by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

LinkPay is a fully PCI DSS certified solution to process, store and transmit card information securely, helping merchants who do not obtain such a certificate quickly launch their business and the related requirements on card payment processing.

What is LinkPay?

LinkPay is an online payment solution with a LinkPay Payment Page, providing the merchant with a customizable checkout page for the user to complete online payments efficiently. The merchant can enjoy all EGMS payment methods with one integration and does not need to store the sensitive payment data of the user.



LinkPay solution is now applicable on both PC Web and Mobile WAP.

Supported browsers include Chrome v80 and above, Edge v80 and above, and Safari v12 and above.

An initial LinkPay Payment Page is shown below.


LinkPay Payment Page

Why use LinkPay?


Based on the certification from the industry and Card Schemes obtained by EVONET, LinkPay is the allowed solution that is responsible for accepting and recording payment data including card numbers, tokens, and other sensitive payment data.

Multiple Payment Methods Supported

LinkPay is ready to process payments with a total of 50+ payment methods, including Card Schemes and Local Payment Methods.


LinkPay is ready to be integrated with PC Web and Mobile WAP. LinkPay also supports up to 5 languages.


Customize the payment page with your brand name, brand logo, order expiration time, and payment link with your preferred domain name.

How to Integrate with LinkPay?

LinkPay Payment Link (Payment Link) allows your users to choose a payment method and complete the payment. There are two ways for merchants to get a Payment Link.


LinkPay API

The merchant integrates with EVONET via API to get a Payment Link (URL) for a user to make a payment.


LinkPay Portal

The merchant creates a Payment Link manually on Merchant Services Hub and sends it over to the user to make a payment.

LinkPay API


Applicable when

The merchant usually has an Order Page and the user initiates the payment via the Order Page.

If the merchant uses its Order Page, where the user can take a purchasing summary, the merchant can request LinkPay API to retrieve the Payment Link to show users the checkout page for them to select a payment method and pay.

A processing flow to initiate the LinkPay API is shown below.


LinkPay API Processing Flow



Step 10.1 is applicable only when the merchant sends the returnURL while requesting the LinkPay API (step 3). After the payment has been processed successfully, LinkPay will redirect to the merchant page within 5 seconds.

Step 10.2 is applicable only when the merchant sends the webhook while requesting the LinkPay API (step 3). After the payment has been processed successfully, EVONET will send the notification to the webhook URL.

Steps 11.1 and 11.2 are applicable only when the merchant wants to get the detail of the payment transaction.

Follow the below chapter to step-by-step learn how to receive a Payment Link by LinkPay API.

LinkPay API

LinkPay Portal


Applicable when

The merchant doesn't have an Order Page and wants to bill the user easily without system integration.

The merchant can also create a Payment Link via Merchant Services Hub, which can enable the merchant and user to complete the online payment without any system and technology involved.

The merchant can enter the transaction information on Merchant Services Hub and send the Payment Link to the user through email or SMS.

The merchant can access Merchant Services Hub to inquire about the transaction status and details.

A processing flow for LinkPay initiated via Merchant Services Hub is shown below.


LinkPay on Merchant Services Hub Processing Flow

Follow the below chapter to step-by-step learn how to create a Payment Link on Merchant Services Hub.

LinkPay Portal